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The security and reliability of your information is our first priority. The administrator has maximum discretion to allow team members to have only the information they need to carry out their tasks.

Data Center

Building in Cloud relies on the infrastructure and performance of the best and most reliable hosting service providers.
Data centers are located in both Europe and the United States.
Cloud servers that host Building in Cloud data have a service level agreement (SLA) of 99.95%. Infrastructures are made up of redundant, scalable, and region-localized data centers to ensure that data is always safe and available.


Whenever you upload a new version of a document or to update BIM data, Building in Cloud retains previous versions that remain available and recoverable.
We also perform multiple daily backups of documents and data on secure and different servers and manage data recovery with the most advanced Disaster Recovery systems.


User authentication requires; company, user, and password. Optionally, the password can be configured to expire after a customizable period of time. Users access the information in the system based on the privileges granted to them by the Administrator.


The rate at which information is transferred is greater than 1000 Mbts, which ensures that no performance degradation occurs regardless of the number of users simultaneously connected. In addition, the data centers that host Building in Cloud data are ISO 9001 certified for quality and ISO 27001 for security.


All traffic to and from our servers is transmitted in a totally secure manner through the TSL cryptographic protocol. We use a 256-bit TSL certificate and RSA key exchange to transmit your data, making it impossible for third parties to access the content.


Building in Cloud does not share your information with third parties.

Building in Cloud does not share your information with third parties. The data centers on which Building in Cloud data is hosted are located in several EU countries, in particular Italy and the UK, and you can exercise the right to be forgotten at any time and all data will be permanently deleted from our systems. This makes us comply immediately with the EU Privacy Act (GDPR).

Building in Cloud is a free service