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Four major works around the world realised with BIM


BiC: smart working for the construction industry

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Digital site management.

Sharing information and supporting works activities with the BIM model at the center provides complete control for all team members. Current, actionable data drives optimal decision-making and best value outcomes.

Using Building in Cloud modules… BiC CDE, BiC 4D-Time, and BiC 5D-Cost, allow you to connect BIM data to all required work activities.

Document management, including workflow phases and authorization processes, and issue tracking speed required resolutions and shorten overall project delivery time. Additionally, WBS work scheduling is dynamically linked to Gantt charts and the BIM model.

Building in Cloud Building in Cloud digitizes the construction site

Building in Cloud digitizes the construction site by offering an innovative scalable and modular platform based on Cloud and Building Information Modeling.

From The As-Built to Operations and Management.

At the end of the construction phase, the constant updating BIM models and CDE provides current information required efficient operations and maintenance management.

Building in Cloud Add-ons

Building in Cloud modules are a comprehensive set of comprehensive tools that manage digital and work processes throughout the life-cycle of a building.

For the Common Data Environment management.

For the planning and control of projects or construction site’s activities.

To keep project’s costs under control.

Per la gestione degli spazi di un edificio.

Il BIM a supporto della gestione e manutenzione degli edifici.

The BIM dimensions

More than 3D Visualization.

Beyond traditional 3D BIM, manage project time andcost, and ongoing operations and maintenance.
Building in Cloud modules provide digital process analysis, monitoring, and control tools for team activities.

Designed to grow with your needs.

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