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BiC: smart working for the construction industry

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Building digital life-cycle

Building in Cloud allows the management of the life-cycle of a building or infrastructure in a single digital platform for sharing and collaboration, where the BIM model is at the heart of processes and activities.

Using Building in Cloud add-ons such as BiC CDE, BiC 4D-Time, BiC 5D-Cost, BiC 6D-Maint, teams closely connected to the information within BIM models to analyze and monitor the alignment of planned and actual activities, in real time.

The most relevant functions available to real estate owners concern the management of the Common Data Environment (CDE), the building documentation’s management, the progress of works at the construction site and the operational’s maintenance processes management.

Building in Cloud digitizes ALL facilities management processes

Building in Cloud digitizes life-cycle management work processes by providing an innovative, scalable, and modular cloud-based platform, integrated with Building Information Modeling.

Integrated Planning, Construction, and Operations Management without loss of productivity

Real-time updating of BIM models and the CDE provides all the information necessary to optimize work activities.

Building in Cloud Add-ons

Building in Cloud modules provide a comprehensive set of tools designed to manage LEAN processes throughout a facilities life-cycle.

For the Common Data Environment management.

For the planning and control of projects or construction site’s activities.

To keep project’s costs under control.

Per la gestione degli spazi di un edificio.

Il BIM a supporto della gestione e manutenzione degli edifici.

BIM to support optimized processes

The digitization of robust processes allows owners (private and public sector) and real estate investors to maintain complete control throughout the entire building or infrastructure’slife-cycle – from the planning and economic-environmental sustainability, to the design phase, to the construction phase, as well as ongoing operations and maintenance.
The BIM model and process management platform connects all activities providing fundamental support to optimze decision-making.

The BIM model, connecting all the activities of the life-cycle of a building or infrastructure, is at the heart of digital processes that can offer strategic support to decision-making processes.

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