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Use of the CDE in the practice of the Construction Project management

The concrete and efficient use of the CDE (Common Data Environment) in the practice of Construction Project Management

In the construction industry Construction Project Management processes are still heavily reliant on document/file if not paper rather than data.

Although the production of information models related to BIM modeling management is a well-established practice, at least at some stages of the process, in day-to-day management it is still paper that takes the lead.

It’s unlikely that, before proceeding with the execution of a challenging task, the site manager will consult the tablet to verify what is provided in the BIM model. At least for now!

The document, whether it is paper or digital, is still the most widely used information source today.

construction poject management - cde

Document management continues to take on crucial importance in streamlining the construction process.

In this context, the correct document management can only pass through the use of sharing and collaboration tools able to correctly track and historicize the information and document flow. This tool is now called CDE (Common Data Environment) or in the Italian meaning, through the UNI 11337 standards, ACDat  (Ambiente Comune di Dati).

Although the CDE is at the center of attention of those involved in the digital management of building information processes, I don’t think it’s just my opinion that such tools have not yet matured a shared and, above all, precisely delimited definition.

Today, in fact, it happens to see the term CDE associated with tools that offer different functionalities, and it is not easy to understand if they can be considered as such.

The standards governing the proper use of the CDE have defined the requirements that a CDE must have to be considered as such, but, often, the standards are formulated in a general way and do not allow an unambiguous concretization of the requirement itself.

If the concept of the CDE is used for more concrete purposes, such as document management, there are still concerns about making it a shared and effective operational tool.

Rarely have I seen procedures adhered to regarding how to nomenclate shared documentation, compile metadata, and manage communications between different stakeholders in a single shared environment.

It requires commitment of all subjects involved and, above all, determination of those who have chosen to implement a CDE to stimulate compliance with these procedures, as well as having the authority or, rather, the “Leadership” to convince all stakeholders to follow agreed-upon procedures capable of increasing efficiency and productivity in the interest of all organizations involved.

documenti digitali cde

The CDE is a tool that offers specific functionalities for precess management, in compliance with predefined procedures that can significantly improve the pursuit of results.

It is therefore important to have the possibility, to search and filter documentation on the basis of previously defined metadata, or to manage in an integrated way the communications exchanged within the CDE.

For an effective implementation of a CDE in Construction Project Management processes, a clear, understandable and accepted approach by all parties involved remains essential for the achievement of common and shared objectives.

A lot more could be said about the need to share decision-making and approval processes for all the activities that need to be carried out during the execution of the work, but on this subject I reserve the right to be more exhaustive in a future article, where this aspect will be analyzed in greater depth.

It is not unusual that, especially in the phase of realization of the work, all subjects perceive in their participation in the CDE more burdens than opportunities. Defining and sharing the advantages in the adoption of the CDE allow to put order in the babel in which we commonly operate, and allow the pursuit of the shared objectives.

Building in Cloud and the BiC CDE add-on module are designed to meet these needs.

Sharing and managing data documents and information that can offer concrete answers in terms of efficiency to all operators in the construction industry, regardless of the phase in which they operate, are the needs to which the BiC CDE add-on module of Building in Cloud responds.

The functionalities of our solutions are inspired by the respect of the Italian UNI 11337 and international ISO 19650 standards.

If you need a CDE that points to concreteness and efficiency of the procedures in compliance with defined and shared rules, contact us now, we will put at your disposal our solutions and our experience, to allow you to make the most of what digital technology makes available to us.

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