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The Common Data Environment in practice

What is CDE – Common Data Environment

The Common Data Environment (CDE) is a centralized repository where information relating to the design, construction and management of a building are stored, organized and available to stakeholder.

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The use of a tool such as CDE, combined with the use of BIM , and the use of LEAN collaborative construction delivery methods, enables significant gains in productivity, quality, and cost savings, and  more efficient facilities life-cycle management.

To generate wealth and value it is necessary that the information, starting from planning and design, be transparently shared as quickly as possible among all participants and stakeholders, and without interruptions of the process.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) ) is now commonly regarded as changing more than anything else, the way we work at every stage of the building process.

The Common Data Environment, described in the British standards PAS 1192, allows to improve workflows and increase the stakeholder’s efficiency in each phase of the building process: plan, design, construction, operation and maintenence.

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