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Covid 19 and the digital revolution of the construction industry

Covid 19 and the digital revolution of the construction industry

What is happening in these days due to the pandemic crisis COVID19 highlights even more, if necessary, the need for innovation in the construction industry.

The impossibility of reaching the workplace and the consequent social distancing has made it inevitable to relocate and dematerialise work to enable it to continue to operate at distance.

Now that, as it seems, we are coming out of the emergency situation and have entered a phase of coexistence with the pandemic, all organisations have a precise duty: not to waste what they have experienced in this period, despite the drama and reorganise production processes by exploiting the opportunity offered by digital technology without which we would have literally sunk.

What is left in terms of experience? What is the lesson we must learn? How can we turn this tragic COVID 19 event into an opportunity?

In my opinion, what has happened has only strengthened the conviction of the need for a deep review of organisational and business models.

Almost certainly, hopefully, politics needs to reignite the engines of the economy. In all the historical phases of the crisis, it has been amply demonstrated that investments in new infrastructure and modernization of the existing building heritage, more than in other sectors, allow multiplier effects of investments with the quick spillover of real money into the pockets of citizens to finally allow the demand for goods and services to restart and creating a virtuous economic cycle.

The other consideration is that investments, in order not to be a waste of public money, must be useful to comply with environmental sustainability criteria that can contribute to reducing the dangers of climate change.

“Some changes are so slow that you don’t realize them, others are so fast that they don’t realize you.

The progressive digitisation of the construction industry is progressively bringing about profound changes in what every one of us has to stop and reflect:

– changes the way to produce.
– changes the work’s organization
– change product/service
– change the demand
– changes the relationship of the supply chain

As always happens in nature, those who seize the opportunities for change survive, evolve and prosper. Technology in itself is neutral but can, if used correctly, enable new organizational models and new working ways. Indeed!

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