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BiC 6D

BiC-6D Module

BiC-6D meets the advanced needs of those who need an Asset & Facility Management system that can take full advantage of BIM.

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Beyond 3D

BIM, in addition to the 3D visualization, can manage the dimensions of time, cost, maintenance management and sustainability.

Building in Cloud’s BiC-6D module provides analysis, management and maintenance tools in the areas of:

Space Management
Asset management
Operation & Maintenance

BIM – Operation & Maintenance

A small percentage reduction in operations and maintenance cost drives significant cost savings.

Access to detailed physical asset information through the use of BIM models enables enhanced efficiencies better decision-support, increase performance relative to maintenance management activities, and overall gains functional performance and building user satisfaction.

Key additional features of BIC-6D

Any building or infrastructure, in order to maintain over time the level of efficiency appropriate to the functions for which it has been designed, needs to be managed and maintained according to accurate Facility processes to be defined in the design phase.

Scheduled Maintenance

BiC-6D allows you to manage all preventive maintenance tasks that help protect the value of your asset.

Manage all scheduled maintenance tasks from a single interface, by defining the time intervals and procedures to be adopted for each type of component to be maintained.

On-demand maintenance

On-demand maintenance allows you to initiate and monitor repair requests or asset efficiency from a single centralized system.

The system allows the automatic opening of tickets and the subsequent tracking of tasks with closing via customizable checklists.

Always linked to BIM models

Any maintenance, scheduled or on-demand activity is always accessible and linked directly from the BIM model.

You can start or view maintenance requirements directly from the BIM Viewer integrated into Building in Cloud.

3D localization of components to maintain

The BIM model, always online and available during maintenance activities, allows a simple and practical way to locate the component to be maintained or repaired.

The ability to “see” before going on-location allows you to better assess the difficulties of the required intervention by limiting costs, errors and time wasted.


BiC-6D has a customizable “Dashboard” that allows you to constantly monitor all maintenance activities aggregated by period, type and location.

The system allows you to monitor the tasks performed, performed and expired, as well as to account for maintenance tasks divided by groups and categories of objects.

Fully integrated into Building in Cloud

The additional features of BiC-6D integrate and expand The Power of Building in Cloud, making it the ideal tool for organizations that need to optimize facilities operations and maintenance by taking advantage of all the opportunities offered by BIM

“The information contained in the appropriately managed and integrated BIM models plays a strategic role in innovating,digitizing, and optimizing facilities faclities operations and maintenance management”.

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